Professional crew manning
for any type of vessels

Assisting you at any level of manning service:
from selection of single crew members up to the full crewing service

Olvia Maritime Ltd is an active member of Association
‘All-Ukrainian Union of Crewing Companies’
Selection of qualified staff for you
In order to propose to you any candidate, we search dozens of CVs, learning their experience and education, comparing it with your requirements. We interview each candidate, check documents and background and, finally, propose to you at least several candidates for each requested position.

  • We only recruit qualified
    crew members

    We check background and
    documents of each candidate,
    whom we propose to our Principals

  • Testing candidates for
    language skills

    Our interview includes comprehensive
    test for assessment of candidates
    language knowledge

  • We have really a good team of professionals in our office

    All our staff has a good experience
    in crewing business
    (from 4 up to 15 years)

Providing any type of recruitment
We guarantee quality crew manning of any type including monitoring of crew changes, visa/travel
arrangements, working cloths,supply, pre-joining familiarization, supervision of perfomance on board,
payment of crew wages, etc.

Full crew employment

within 10 days

We can provide you with full crew complement: from top four up to messboys. No limits by number of people or occupation type.

Single crew members

within 2 days (a person)

With our assistance you can hire specialists for any position in case of single request

We propose several candidates for any position

Our superintendants offer you different candidates for any requested position

Truly big candidates database
30 000+
Experienced ukrainian seafarers
for ANY TYPE OF vessels
Our database has a huge number of duly screened seafarers with experience on any type of vessels (including oil, gas and chemical tankers, off-shore ships and passenger vessels, etc.)
We offer what is really necessary:
transparent and clear
We have clear and understandable papers required for signing. Our agreements
guarantee 100% quality of employement and clear procedure of cooperation. These
papers guarantee safe and precise cooperation conditions and help to prevent any type of misunderstandings

Our team works really hard to complete your task with maximum accuracy and quality

  • Receiving your request

    As soon as you submit form online we are getting in touch with you

  • Processing your request

    Our team finds out what is your request about and starts looking for proper candidates

  • Interviewing and preparing candidates

    Our superintendants interview all the candidates on a matter of professional and English knowledge

  • Offering you various options

    Our HR prepares several candidates for each position for you to choose

  • Preparing required documents

    We can provide all visa arrangements and check all documents to be in order

  • Familiarizing crew members

    We brief and prepare candidtaes according to the specific tasks they may have onboard

  • Dispatching candidates

    Our services include flight ticket booking and accomodation in case it’s necessary

  • We will assist to decrease your crew cost by all our means!

Working cloth suply
We can supply selected seafarers with any kind, quality
and quantity of working cloths or uniforms

Support while onboard
We can assist you with any matters while seafarers are on board your ships. We keep contact with their families in order to let them be part of our big family of Olvia Maritime.

  • Keeping eye on
    expiration dates

    We provide special service for
    preventing unexpected
    documents expiration

  • Wages

    Our service may include wages
    calculations if necessary

Your management office
We can establish or assist to establish crew management office. On the other hand, having significant background and similar experience, we could perform full scope of ship management

Providing necessary trainings
In case if your candidates need any additional skills improvement

  • Native speakers
    English courses

    We propose special intensive training
    in English with native speakers

  • Qualification seminars
    for your crew

    We can assist with arranging seminars
    and trainings for your crew

Contact us

If you need any additional information

It’s easy to find us in Odessa

Our office is located exactly in the heart of Odessa,
close to the main maritime institutions.

  • Athena Business Centre,
    7th Floor, Office #759
    3/4 Gretska Square
    Odessa, 65026