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Conference on Maritime Training and Role of Crewing Companies in Developing of Employment Sector

Conference on maritime training took place in Odessa on 15 November 2017. It was organized by All-Ukrainian Association of Crewing Companies, jointly with some other associations and professional bodies. As soon as Olvia Maritime is an active member of mentioned association, it was represented in the Conference.


New Schengen visa requirements and Ukrainian seafarers

We have already couple of months experience with new Schengen requirements for Ukrainians. We can travel now easily around Europe, having biometric passport on hands. That’s a good and pleasant experience, great opportunity to see Europe and have nice vacations, but it is also new business opportunities for crewing companies!


Training ships as the basic training for seafarers

It is not secret – nautical cadets have the real problem of obtaining seagoing experience. Sometimes we can meet even those, who graduated already, but still don’t get his License because of absence of proper sea time in his Seaman’s book. It is a problem, because we can’t consider such persons as a seamen – it is impossible to become a maritime professional, just sitting at the desk in maritime academy. Training on board is the most significant part of the study, but the opportunities are really limited.


Round Table in Kiev

12 December 2017 the Round Table event took place in Kiev. It was dedicated to the new initiatives of Ukrainian Government, which might strongly affect the whole maritime labour market in Ukraine


Vital Necessity of Maritime Administration Creation

It is quite interesting situation in Ukraine: maritime business is widely represented in the country by ports, export-import operations, forwarding and many mariners. However, the official maritime policy of the Government is still absent.


Experience of work with Ukrainian crews

It is well known that number of Ukrainian ratings on board world fleet decreased within last years. However, if you’ll look at the statistics of education and training, you’ll found increased number of documents issued. This paradox could be explained very easily: due to the poor economical situation in the country, more and more people decide to go to sea, because of big level of unemployment ashore and because job at sea is more profitable and prospective, than shore jobs of the similar level.



What is Olvia Maritime?

First of all, I’d like to draw your attention: correct spelling is Olvia – not Oliva, not Olivia, but OLVIA! The name comes from the name of ancient Greek colony in the north coast of the Black Sea. There is a small port, called Olvia, located not so far, but it has no relations to us – we located in Odessa. In the heart of Odessa – in the Greek square, in the Athena business centre. Probably it is destiny, because the most of our Partners are located in Greece. We have wide and long term relations with our Greek Partners (up to 20 years with some of them), however we also have Partners in the other European countries (in the UK in particular).